Charlotte Bellydancer
For the love of dance...

 I have been studying dance for 20+ years. Belly dance, Egyptian, Moroccan, Tribal Fusion, Hula, Tahitian, Russian Gypsy, West African & Burlesque. I've taken my love of each dance style and made it my own. There are so many benefits to dancing. It has been proven time and time again to increase your overall well-being, safely decreases belly fat, strengthen your core, gently massages your spine and improve your general health and emotional state. Dancing on a regular basis relieves stress and tension, improves self-esteem, boosts confidence and gives back the femininity that the daily world tries so hard to take away from us women. It's so empowering!

 Dance keeps me energetic and fun. Dancing in a classroom type setting is a wonderful way to fellowship and maintain stable human interaction which sadly seems nearly nonexistent in today's world. I've even gotten my mother involved which is more than exciting for me. Her chiropractor even recommended belly dance to her to help with her healing process and as a part of her physical therapy treatment. I have student-friends that had considered trying waist trainers but after just a few hours a month of belly dancing and weighing in the risks associated with waist trainers dancing for fitness is the new trainer!

 The naughty side of dance...
Many of today's popular dances are a bit over the top for most ladies' tastes. I personally enjoy all forms of entertainment. My dance style and technique is fusion of many styles through and through. My most frequently practiced are classical Egyptian belly dance and burlesque. There are so many benefits to each. From improving your posture, gaining greater flexibility, becoming a more sensual, poised, graceful and attractive powerful woman and increasing your behind the bedroom door enjoyment are just a few. So let your inner Diva (or Divo,) Princess, Queen, Fae, Siren or Goddess out for good!